Lucia had already tried a few things before discovering that being outside and pursuing a career in the outdoor industry is the thing that truly motivates her and makes her feel happy.

Following her GCSEs, Lucia did a BTEC Level 2 Animal Care at Kingston Maurward with the intention of a career in Zoology. Things took a turn in a different direction however, when she started working for PGL as an Outdoor Instructor. It was there where she fell in love with the job and knew that this was what she wanted to do. Having had no previous experience, she spent 18 months there and was given in-house training in land-based activities such as abseiling and climbing, as well as gaining her Paddlesport Instructor qualification. It was being on the water which really sparked her passion.

Lucia spotted Rockley’s apprenticeship opportunities on social media – perfect timing as she was at a point in her life where she was looking to get back to college while she was still young. “Having experience and in-house qualifications get you so far but I knew that if I wanted to progress further, I had to gain nationally recognised qualifications - it’s much more attractive on a CV. I’m really excited about achieving more advanced skills in dinghy sailing and windsurfing.”

“I’m working with fun people, learning so much and sharing experiences with my friends. I love telling my family what I have done each day. It’s exciting.”

Does this way of learning suit lUCIA?

“I Absolutely love this way of learning. Sitting in a classroom, I tend to daydream a little! Being practical and outdoors, working in different environments where no two days are the same and being entrusted to use my initiative and think dynamically and use what I have learnt – it’s a lot more fun and as a result, a lot more rewarding and engaging.

“I’ve mainly been shadowing staff but when the new season kicks in, I will have progressed and learnt new skills so will be in a position to lead sessions and confidently answer any questions that people may have.

“The assessment and the assignments are not daunting or stressful and everyone here is so knowledgeable and eager to help and supports you when you need it.”


“Some of my fellow apprentices were at Rockley College together so knew each other really well but at the end of the day, we all have the same goals, the same passions and we are having a lot of fun together. Plus, there is nothing else like this apprenticeship out there and nothing else I would rather do. It’s great – it’s local to my house, I work on a beautiful site with some great people and I can’t wait to go home and share what I have done with my family."

It's all about the support

When asked whether her parents were supportive of this career choice, it seems they are very much on board! “I worked alongside my mum as a Carer prior to PGL. She saw how stressful and difficult it was. Now she can see that I’m flourishing as I’m doing something that I love. When you do something you love, you have that glow about you I guess.”


“I will have the opportunity and the qualifications to get to university in the future if I want to, although for now I really don’t want the stress or the debts that come with it. At the moment, I just want to be out on the water, develop me skillset, travel and use what I have learnt.

tell us something interesting...

“In my downtime, I love fishing, mostly float fishing! It’s something I’ve done throughout my childhood. It’s very relaxing and sociable.”


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