On the water, on land & now on the slopes!

Amazing outdoor adventures for all ages and abilities in truly fantastic locations across Dorset and France.
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“Great time had by all, keep up the good work!”

Renfrew Town Sea Scouts

“If you are in to outdoor sports, watersports or land activities, get out as much as you can! Spend lots of time on the water and keep up with the course work and you'll get the qualifications you need while having a lot of fun”

Kyro Miller

“As always, pupils benefit from trying new things and develop resilience, compassion, integrity and courage”

Glenmoor School

“Throw yourself into EVERY opportunity given to you, and work hard, because it's all so worth it at the end”

Maddison-Lucy Hain

“Rockley has helped me gain the confidence I have needed to tackle new things and pursue new opportunities. It has motivated me to gain further qualifications and has also made me want to travel the world more.”

Connor Barnard


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