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France Entry Guidelines

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Health & Safety Management Documents

How to Make an Insurance Claim

In the unfortunate event that you need to make a claim on the insurance policy, the claim forms that you require can be found below.

Please notify your child's Group Leader and Rockley Adventure that you will be making a claim (by email is simplest). In order to submit a claim you will be required to provide the following information:

- Your child's school name
- Your child's school Rockley Adventure Booking Reference*

Any Rockley Adventure cancellation invoices/Confirmations of Booking/Certificates of Insurance requested to be sent with any claim form, will be sent direct to Endsleigh on your behalf, as long as you have notified your Group Leader &/or Rockley Adventure of your intention to make a claim.

* please contact your Group Leader or Rockley Adventure for this information.

If you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 677272 (Mon-Fri 0900-1700) or [email protected]. Your insurers, Endsleigh, can also provide general assistance, they can be contacted on 01202 038 946 or their via their Claim Form.

Cancellation (insurance excess of £50)

If your son/daughter withdraws from the trip you MUST notify your child's Group Leader as soon as possible, as the date of cancellation of an individual is the date of receipt of written notification by the Group Leader to our office in Poole. If the reason for cancellation, eg necessary cancellation due to illness or injury, falls within the terms of the travel insurance policy you may be able to reclaim any cancellation charges by making a claim.

Cancellation Charges are payable as follows:

Time before trip start date Cancellation Charge
Up to 1st February in year of trip 1st deposit
From 1st February to within 2 months of trip start date 1st & 2nd deposit
Within 2 months of trip start date Full cost of trip

If your trip is a day trip to any of our centres, then the deposits which is provided at 20% of the booking total will be lost. Once the balance is paid, then the full amount is non-refundable.

Medical Expenses (insurance excess of £50)

The page link below is a guide that provides all the necessary details about the UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) that it is the new Health Card for the UK - https://www.gov.uk/global-heal...

If your child requires emergency medical treatment during the trip and costs are incurred which are not covered by their GHIC you may be able to claim for these under the travel insurance policy. You will be required to submit all receipts for prescriptions, medicines, hospital services etc. Please bear in mind that invoices for hospital services can take many months to arrive, which can be long after your child's return to the UK! These should be paid and then an insurance claim made.

Loss, Damage or Theft (insurance excess of £50)

Please remind your child that all reasonable steps should be taken to safeguard personal property. The insurer will not provide cover for valuables left unattended on a beach for example. All losses or thefts MUST be reported with 24hrs of discovery to the Group Leader and to our centre manager who will contact the Police if necessary. In the event of damage this must be reported to the centre manager who can complete an Insurance Report. Original copies of any Police or centre manager reports together with invoices or receipts will be required to substantiate all claims.

Guidance & Advice

Travel Documents

HM Passport Office - Collective Passports
GHIC Applications


The HSE’s ‘high level statement’, School Trips and Outdoor Learning Activities, is available at:


The HSE’s guidance, School Trips and outdoor activities – Tackling the health and safety myths is available at:


The DFE’s Health and Safety: Advice on Legal Duties and Powers, is available at:


Health & Safety of Students on Educational Visits: A Good Practice Guide (HASPEV) (DfES) HASPEV can still be viewed on the National Archives website at:



Adventure Activities Licensing
Council for Learning Outside the Classroom
Outdoor Education
The Royal Yachting Association
Institute for Outdoor Learning
School Trips FAQs - HSE


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