Imogen has done it all – from GCSEs to A-Levels to Rockley College and now an Apprenticeship. Find out what made her go from the classroom to the outdoors and why this adventurous young woman just loves giving EVERYTHING a go!

After her GCSEs, Imogen had her sights set on A-Levels and then university with a career in midwifery or dentistry firmly in mind. With A-levels in chemistry, biology , psychology and maths under her belt, Imogen attempted to write her university personal statement but something didn’t feel quite right.

“I was like, actually, you know what, I don’t think I want to go to university. It just felt like a lot of studying. I’ve always loved sport, being outdoors and on the beach, so I just spent the summer thinking about what I really wanted to do.”

Qualifications Galore!

With the full support of her parents who also love the outdoors and understood exactly where Imogen was coming from (her dad has also dabbled in making surfboards!) she stumbled across an advert for Rockley College. Two days before the start of the college year, Imogen and her parents came for a look around and she quickly decided that this was for her!

After what she describes as a ‘great year’ gaining a range of water and land-based qualifications, she went on to apply and subsequently gain a place on the Apprenticeship programme. Over the next few months Imogen will be attempting to gain both her RYA Dinghy Sailing and Windsurfing Instructor qualifications – not bad for someone who had never sailed or windsurfed before joining the college.

Taking the Hands on Approach

With a more hands-on approach to learning, vocational courses are widely known for developing personal and emotional skills as well as their educational benefits. “I’ve always been an outgoing person but I can see how these kinds of courses can really develop a person’s confidence. I truly believe that these types of courses and apprenticeships are 100% the way forward.”

“My A-Level experience was quite strict and even now I have friends at university who are under a lot of pressure and questioning their decision. Here, the environment is much calmer and relaxed. I would recommend it to anyone, 100%.”

With her infectious smile, her youthful energy and her adventurous spirit, Imogen has embraced the outdoor activity industry.

“I definitely have a plan. I want to learn as much as possible and gain as many qualifications as I can. Work here for a while, gain experience and then travel.”


For now, Imogen is loving life. Already a surfer and skateboarder, she is now trying her hand at kitesurfing having recently purchased all the gear and cannot wait to get out there!

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