We explore five long term benefits of residential trips and why it is so important for our young people.

1. Developing an appreciation for the great outdoors

For some of our students, a trip to the beach, woodland or countryside is a completely new experience. On a Rockley school residential trip, students are encouraged to look around them and appreciate natures natural beauty and here in Dorset, there is plenty of it!

When you see the glistening sea, sandy beaches and wonderful greenery you will have an instant connection and desire to protect it. On our trips, students will be encouraged to take sustainable actions that will help protect our planet for future generations.

2. Setting students up for the future

Many of our students have such an amazing experience on a residential trip that it opens their eyes to a whole world of opportunities. Being away from home can inspire travel, cultural appreciation or even develop aspirations to become a leader, team player and outdoor instructor.

“Adventure activity and sports skills can form the foundation of life-long interests, as well as address the health and obesity agendas.”

The Guardian

3. Combatting child obesity

With child obesity on the rise, particularly amongst young people, it is more important than ever for schools to offer children plenty of opportunities to engage with the outdoors. Trying sports that not only get them active for the duration of the school residential trip, but also inspire a love of adventure that will stay with them and help them develop into fit, active and healthy adults is key.

4. Building self esteem

As well as the physical health benefits that a school residential trip brings, they have been proven to have a positive effect on a young person's self-esteem and confidence levels, thereby improving their emotional health and well-being. The importance of allowing children to explore their environment, take responsibility for their independence, with minimal assistance from adults helps to build their strength of character.

5. Build and develop relationships with peers and teachers

The pressure on children to achieve higher results academically grows year on year, and parents are often the first to admit that today’s curriculum demands much more than it did when they were at school. With so much to cover and the pressure to achieve, the classroom can be an intense and claustrophobic place.


Residential trips for schools are not just beneficial but vital to providing balance and a renewed enthusiasm for learning. There is no better reward for a teacher than a pupil’s beaming face glowing with pride having built their own raft, controlled a sail boat, or mastered a new paddle stroke. Being outdoors unites people and encourages kindness and teamwork.

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