The physical, mental, social, and environmental benefits of land-based activities are visible to us year on year. At Buddens Activity Centre, we offer a fantastic range of activities which enable young people to develop many key skills that will benefit them both when they return to the classroom and in life. Here are some of the advantages associated with land-based activities:

Physical Health

EXCERISE: many of our activities, including: climbing, abseiling, dry tooling and the Buddens Challenge involve physical movement which encourages improved cardiovascular health, muscle strength and endurance.

BALANCE & COORDINATION: Activities such as climbing, crate stacking and archery can enhance balance and coordination skills.

HEALTHY ATTITUDE: Being outdoors and physical activity promotes both a positive mind and encourages physical fitness.

“We have had a wonderful time. Students have enjoyed all the activities and their behaviour has reflected this.”

Cantell School

Mental Health

STRESS REDUCTION: Immersing oneself in nature and engaging in physical activities are huge factors in reducing stress levels and promoting positive thoughts.

IMPROVED MOOD: Being outdoors with your friends and engaging in outdoor activities can lead to enhanced mood and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

MENTAL CLARITY: Spending just a small amount of time outdoors and participating in activities can greatly improve concentration and enhance mental clarity.

Personal Development

SELF-CONFIDENCE: Attempting new activities and achieving personal goals can significantly boost a young person’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Reaching the top of the climbing wall, taking the ‘Leap of Faith’ or having the courage to step off the ledge on a zip wire can have a long-lasting positive impact on an individual.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Many of our activities encourage leadership skills and gives many young people who are often quiet in a classroom environment, the opportunity to become leaders outdoors.

TEAM BUILDING SKILLS: Many, if not all of our challenges foster teamwork and collaboration. It encourages individuals to work together as a team and builds relationships.

PROBLEM-SOLVING SKILLS: Land-based outdoor adventure activities can require quick-thinking and problem-solving skills – attributes than can be enhanced and encouraged on a residential trip.


LIFE BALANCE: An adventurous residential trip forces individuals to disconnect from the digital world and focus on the people and natural environment that surrounds them.

APPRECIATION FOR NATURE: Participating in land-based activities can lead to a greater appreciation for the environment and encourage more positive environmentally friendly behaviours.

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