"I chose this course as opposed to A-levels or another college because I knew it would enable me to pursue a career in this industry. My immediate ambition is to become a fully qualified instructor and travel the world using my skills. Also, I love the outdoors and loved the idea of going to college on the beach, plus the facilities are great!

"This college also seemed very different to anything else out there and completely unique. I knew Rockley College would suit my style of learning, particularly the fact that there were no exams which felt like a real relief! The teachers and the qualified practical tutors are really what has made the experience so enjoyable so far.

"I would definitely recommend this course and Rockley College to anyone who loves sport and the outdoors. And my advice to those considering the course would be not to worry about not knowing anyone - you are most likely in the same situation as everyone else! Get to know everyone!"

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