There is absolutely no doubt that a high quality residential experience can have a positive effect on a young person’s time at school. For many it will be their fondest memory of school, for some a turning point in their attitude towards learning while for others it really can be a life-changing experience.

Reasons you should do a residential trip;

  • Inclusive to everyone - forces children to come together

  • Improves teacher/pupil rapport

  • Encourages teamwork and bonding

  • Improves confidence, resilience, creativity and leadership skills

  • Allows those who struggle academically to shine

  • Pupils are learning without realising it

  • Pupils return to school energised, confident and happy

  • The elation they experience when the overcome a challenge or achieve outside the classroom cannot be matched by solving a maths problem

What to look for;

1. Experience look for a company which has a reputation for running successful residential trips. They should have gained enough knowledge, spoken to enough teachers and pupils to tweak the product they offer and know exactly what will meet the needs of the teachers and pupils.

2. It’s not all about size going with a big company is not always better. Smaller companies also have the expertise to meet your needs. You often find that they will go the extra mile and you’ll benefit from receiving a more personal level of service.

3. What do others say? find out what other teachers have to say about the trip they have been on. There’s nothing better than receiving recommendations from a teacher who has already experienced it with their own pupils.

4. Locations check that your company of choice have carefully selected locations which will positively benefit your students

5. Activities ensure there are plenty of diverse activities on offer. If your pupils are always trying new and exciting activities, are stepping outside their comfort zone and are constantly being challenged, there is no opportunity for boredom and the sense of achievement is far greater.

6. Safety check the standards of safety that the company has in place. Make sure that all health and safety documents are present and easily accessible. Ensure that all the staff have the relevant qualifications.

7. Learning environment ensure that your pupils are put in a new learning environment where they feel safe, happy and secure but will also allow them to excel and grow in confidence.

8. Quality staff how proactive are they? Staff who can interact positively with your pupils and are sensitive to their different needs will lead to enhanced participation amongst pupils, greater achievement levels and a fun learning environment.

9. Learning and improving a company that constantly ask for teacher feedback and actions them is clearly one that is striving to improve and cares about the product they are offering to their customers.

10. Planning and support look for a company who are going to help you through the whole process from start to finish – especially if this is the first time organising a trip. Will they come to your school to conduct launch assemblies and parent’s evenings to answer parent questions? Are they readily available via phone or email? Are they providing you with enough information about all aspects of the trip from the necessary documents to what the pupils need to bring? Are they planning a trip with both you and your pupils in mind? All of these will help develop a good relationship with the chosen Company and make you feel confident about running a trip.

“An excellent first trip with Rockley to AzuRivage. We felt looked after and in safe hands all the way. Activities were well run and engaged students throughout. A fabulous trip, already looking forward to next year!” Highcliffe School

“For young people to thrive and develop into well-rounded, healthy, confident young adults, they need opportunities that will enthuse, excite and challenge them - both physically and mentally. Rockley offers this in abundance!" Lytchett Minster School

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