Rockley has run the apprenticeship programme for a few years now and prides itself on offering high quality training and employment opportunities to pave the way for the next generation. Managing Director Pip Woods said: "I can really see the value and importance of apprentices for the UK marine and outdoor industry. We are focused on offering a quality experience, educating, supporting and nurturing these individuals in a real-life working environment. We look forward to watching them grow and develop with us."

Welcome the Apprentices:

Jared describes himself as F.U.N! A graduate of Rockley's Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors), his aim is to further expand his knowledge of the watersports and outdoor industry.

Theo describes himself as SUPPORTIVE. At 22, Theo decided to leave Exeter University where he was studying Accountancy and Finance to pursue his love of sport and the outdoors. New to Rockley this year, he spent the season working at Buddens. He plans to stay in the industry for five years before pursuing his ultimate dream vocation as a teacher.

Adam describes himself as GOOFY (another alternative was PURE TALENT!) He also graduated from Rockley's Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors) where his favourite activities were catamaran sailing and windsurfing. Having never done any watersports prior to the course, he is now hooked! He hopes to use his qualifications to travel and work anywhere in the world.

Richie describes himself as FREE / VIBING AROUND. After completing his studies at the Howard of Effingham College where he studied psychology, philosophy, religion and etchics, he spent some time working in the UK and then travelling around Europe. After seeing an advert for the apprenticeship programme, he decided this was his next move. He has no real future plans but loves the idea of trying different things and just being 'free.'

Ed describes himself as ENTHUSIASTIC. He loves the idea of teaching students and seeing them get to the end of their course. As a graduate of the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors), he knows the importance of having good, supportive teachers! He joined the apprenticeship as he saw it a great opportunity to progress and pursue a career within the industry - preferably working abroad.

James describes himself as GIFETD! He believes he was chosen for the course because he really pushed himself on the Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport & Physical Activity (Outdoors) and he wants to encourage the current year 1 students to do the same. He enjoyed his season working at Buddens as it gave him the opportunity to try new land-based activities. While he plans to stay in the industry for a while, his ultimate goal is to join the forces - either police or army. He hopes that what he is doing now will give him more choices in the future as well as varied experiences.

Jaime describes herself as ADVENTUROUS. She may be the only girl in the programme but this does not phase her in the slightest! She's looking forward to developing her skills and enjoying the adventure that comes with it!

Daniel describes himself as OPEN-MINDED. After completing his A-levels, and, as a member of the British handball, he has spent the last year studying in Denmark where he has also been playing Handball - and loving it! Having seen the Rockley Apprenticeship Programme through a job site, he saw this as a "fantastic opportunity to try something completely new". Although he has little experience on the water, he is keen to learn and has done plenty of land-based activities. The programme also allows him to continue with his handball training at Corfe Hills School.

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