We talk to him about how he’s carved out a career within the watersports industry, what he thinks of Rockley and what his plans are for the future.

Describe your route to getting in to the watersports industry?

I only really got in to watersports when I was 16. I completed a 2 year course at Hartbury College, came to Rockley in 2014 and attended the 6-week intensive course where I achieved further RYA instructor qualifications including my RYA Dinghy Instructor. I then worked a season out in France. My plan was to return for one more season and I’m still here! The fact that Peter (the boss) knows everyone’s name and does stuff with the staff – I don’t think you’d get that in many other companies. It’s a family run business with such a strong ethos which I really like.

Did you always plan to have a career in the watersports industry?

I've always enjoyed this kind of thing. I did work experience at an Outdoor Education Centre in year 10 and I really loved it, hence the course I took at college. I didn’t necessarily know I wanted to make a career out of it.

What are your plans for the future?

For the immediate future, I’m loving teaching the BTEC course. I’ll be out in France with the year 1s for their 4-week work placement and will then continue working the season out there. It’s then back to the UK in September for the start of the academic year. Teaching the BTEC is yet another stepping stone and I’m still learning so much. On a whole I’ve had so much progression within the company and going forwards I’d like to eventually take on a more Senior Position. If I can possibly tear myself away, what I may do is leave Rockley for a few years and then hopefully return again once I’ve gained further experience in different working and teaching environments. There's no harm in trying something new but I'd definitely like to come back if Rockley will have me!

What are the advantages to working for a company like Rockley?

I’ve managed to achieve so much at Rockley in terms of qualifications, progression and experience. There are so many experienced members of staff working here already – I’ve learned so much and gained so much from my time here. You do get really well looked after.

What are your thoughts on the BTEC Level 3 Sport?

I think the BTEC course is developing to above and beyond what it has ever been before and it will only continue to get better. This year has gone really well – we know what works and we can see where we can improve. The proposed new buildings will also make a big difference.

I think the combination of practical and classroom gives the students the opportunity to relax a bit, get outside, be more hands on and have fun, but there is pressure on them to get their coursework done. It is hard for a lot of the students to manage their personal and study time. Time-management and organisation is a skill a some of them are learning to handle but it’s also these types of skills which will hold them in good stead if they do decide to be an instructor, or in any job for that matter.

Speaking to Rockley’s MD, Pip Woods, she said:

“Josh is an exceptional member of the Rockley Team who is always smiley. His work ethic, level of skill and knowledge makes him a firm favourite with the staff and hugely popular with the students. He’s made a great transition from his position as a Chief Instructor to BTEC Practical co-ordinator and is an inspirational role model for our students.”

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