You’ve just returned from your 2 week work experience. Did you enjoy it?

Yes it was amazing, I absolutely loved it.

You’ve come to the end of your first year. How has it been since we last caught up at the beach clean in February?

It’s been amazing. Everything we have done on the water has been really good. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m planning on doing more water stuff in the summer holidays as well with Liam to help get both my RYA Dinghy Instructor and Windsurf Instructor. I definitely want both qualifications before I finish the course.

Has the course been better than you thought it would be?

Yes. Definitely. Much better, especially after coming back from work experience - you get more of an understanding of how it all works and how the instructors run stuff and everything. I’ve definitely. got more confidence teaching others.

So it’s safe to say that you feel a lot more confident than when you first started the course?

Yes, even more so after these two weeks of work experience. After the first week of being out there it was like I knew what I was doing and felt much more confident within myself. Huw (AzuRivage Centre Manager) allowed me to run the session because he knew that I could do it.

During the first week they observed what we were doing but then during the second week they would really encourage me to have the confidence to lead on sessions as well as games and demos and stuff like that. The whole work experience has meant that I’ve been able to pick up some tips from the instructors - there are such a variety of teaching styles which I’ve now taken on board. They also gave us tips on how to improve and during the two weeks we can just work on it. It’s really good because someone just has to say one thing and you completely change the way you do things and it all makes sense. And everyone was so welcoming.

So, you went to AzuRivage for your work experience?

Yes, which is the centre I went to at the very start of the year so the instructors recognised me which is nice. It was amazing. Everyone else said they had a great time experiencing a new centre. Everyone thinks the centre they went to was the best but I love AzuRivage. You can also go to the beach like Hossegor and the towns so there is so much to do.

Did you enjoy the experience?

I surfed at Hossegor on my day off which was amazing. All these extra things really make it. It’s like when you do the work experience, you don’t just experience the water side of it, you get to go on days off, go surfing, have BBQ’s and all stuff like that – the whole package. We really felt like part of the team. At the end of the week all the instructors were like, ‘it’s really sad to see you guys go’.

Do you feel you’ve made the right choice in course?

Yes definitely – no regrets at all. It’s been really amazing. This year has flown by. I’ve literally just signed out from year 1 and I can’t believe it. Like I need to start thinking about what I am doing after the course.

What are your future plans?

I’m looking round at Uni’s in the summer with the aim of doing Sports Coaching and Exercise Science at either Hartbury or Chichester

Do you think the BTEC L3 Sport Course compliments what you plan to do in the future?

What I’m doing here will help me loads because it gives me confidence in instructing which is exactly what the Sport Coaching element of the course is about. The course also looks at how your body work and positioning of the body. It all links in to what I have done here as some of my course units have covered this kind of stuff. And it’s all really practical as well. I’ve realised that I work much better in a practical environment but I do like the theory part that comes with it as it all goes hand in hand. Also, we normally do the theory at the start of the week followed by the practical stuff so it’s like a reward for getting all the practical out of the way!

What has been particularly difficult during this year if anything?

The course work has been tricky but during the end of the year it has gotten so much easier as I’m used to it now.

And the best part?

It’s been great making new friends – I literally know everyone now. Even from the work experience I’ve just finished – I’ve made even more friends which is great. Everyone just knows everyone in college now so it’s lovely.

This is what BTEC Teacher Mark had to say about Amelia:

“I have had the pleasure of having Amelia in my Tutor group for this academic year and she has been a real ray of sunshine. She is positive and bright and tries her best in all aspects of the course. She is also often a helping hand for other students if they are struggling with tasks. Amelia has completed her first year of the course with a distinction profile and has already set herself a target of continuing this into her second year to finish with as high a grade as possible. A highlight for me has been seeing Amelia out in France on her work experience over the past couple of weeks, working as part of the AzuRivage set up, socialising with her peers, learning to surf and being given glowing feedback from staff members for her efforts on sessions.”


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