We are delighted to have seen, over the past few years, a notable increase in adults taking up sailing. This trend can be attributed to several factors, making sailing an attractive and increasingly accessible pastime for individuals searching for new experiences, physical activity, and a connection with nature.

We take a look at the key factors contributing to the rise:


Poole Harbour is a beautiful and safe setting in which to learn to sail. Rockley offers the various RYA levels to enable adults to learn to sail or develop their skills from beginner to advanced. Alternatively our 'Back into Sailing' sessions very much encourages adults to enjoy the social aspect of sailing rather than focus on gaining specific qualifications.


Sailing is an excellent form of physical exercise and also promotes mental well-being. The combination of being outdoors, engaging in physical activity, and the positive effect of being on the water makes sailing appealing to many adults seeking to improve their health and reduce stress.


Sailing at Rockley provides a social environment where adults can meet like-minded individuals, share new challenges and create new friendships.


Many adults are embracing the concept of lifelong learning and seeking new skills and hobbies to enrich their lives. Sailing can be both challenging and rewarding, giving continuous opportunity for skill development.


Changes in work patterns, including more flexible schedules and the rise of remote working, have given many adults more free time to pursue hobbies and interests like sailing.


Poole Harbour's stunning natural environment provides a scenic and inspiring setting for sailing. The opportunity to connect with nature and experience the beauty of the coastal landscape draws many to the sport.


With over 48 years’ experience of offering sailing, Rockley has a reputation for its safety standards and is the industry leaders in offering RYA courses.


Rockley offers the RYA scheme which are structured and internationally recognized courses for different skill levels. Our course are designed for adults, emphasizing hands-on experience and safety. Courses can be offered in a group setting or private lessons can be offered - tailored instruction to meet individual learning needs and schedules.

Long may it continue!

With excellent facilities, a supportive and vibrant sailing environment and the increased desire by individuals to learn something new and enjoy the beautiful surrounds of Poole Harbour, Rockley continues to enjoy the rise of adult sailors.

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