Bringing learning to life

Being outdoors in the ‘real world’ gives students a new perspective on learning and a greater understanding of exploring and understanding. When students use creativity, teamwork and communication to solve a problem the subject becomes more real. They are often learning without realising it and topics that can seem dull in a textbook are brought to life. Engaging with students who are more motivated to learn and can grasp concepts will instantly make life easier for the teacher.

Outdoor education can also appeal to a variety of learning styles – not just students who thrive in a classroom setting – and can boost results and motivation for underachievers. A 2008 survey ‘Learning Outside the Classroom’ by Ofsted found that ‘pupils who took part in learning outside the classroom improved their standard of work and had increased confidence and self-esteem.’ By integrating the experience and knowledge acquired from a school trip into everyday education, teachers can make their job easier and more rewarding, while maximising their students’ achievement and motivation.

Happier students, happier teachers

School trips offer an opportunity for pupils to engage with teachers in a more informal setting, which helps to build trust and create a personal connection. Students realise that teachers are human too, we all make mistakes and learn to laugh and learn with each other.

Research by The Outwood Bound Trust found that, following participation in an outdoor learning programme, 91 per cent of teachers reported an improved relationship with their pupils. Similarly, a review of research on outdoor learning by Rickinson et al. found that outdoor learning impacted positively on young people’s effectiveness, communication skills, group cohesion and teamwork.

A survey by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom found that 52 per cent of teachers believe that learning outside of the classroom is more effective at improving pupils’ self-confidence than in-school education. In addition, 30 per cent of teachers reported that students’ behaviour improved after a school trip.

Better relationships between pupils and teachers, higher levels of trust, and improved confidence and relationships between students will have a positive impact on classroom learning, interaction and motivation – all of which will benefit the teacher.

Get out of the classroom

With recent Department for Education research finding that teachers are working an average of 54 hours a week, there is no better excuse to get out of the classroom and outdoors in the fresh air. Getting away from the classroom and into a real-world environment can inspire and refresh educators just as much as pupils.

A change of environment, new surroundings and meeting other teachers can be as good as a rest and you will go back to the classroom with a new lease of life, feeling refreshed and motivated.

Acquire new skills

It’s not only your students who will be put through their paces by our friendly team! Learning new activities together with your students can bring a shared understanding and better connection to their learning style.

We will give you give you support and guidance throughout the whole process to make leading a trip as simple as possible! Adding these skills and leadership experience to your CV is also a bonus. Organising and executing a successful trip, especially one where you can bring back educational and social benefits to the classroom, will give you a confidence-boosting sense of achievement.


Struggling to help a pupil understand a complicated idea or to get past distractions of a classroom environment are scenarios that all teachers will be familiar with. To observe that same student in the outdoors, embracing teamwork, leadership and achieving something special is an incredible moment to be a part of, and a real reward for any teacher.

Talk to us further about the support and guidance Rockley give to group leaders every step of the way. From our initial meeting, parents evening and wealth of information, we want your adventure trip to work for you as well as your students.

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