Sitting on the plane home after 2 weeks camping with Rockley Watersports at AzuRivage, I turned to my daughter and told her not to expect a buffet breakfast and lunch when we get home! It was probably the first time in 2 weeks that both Daisy and Joseph have sat still for any significant period of time. As an employee of Rockley, this is the third year I’ve been out to France with my family – as Marketing and Sales, I’m the one pointing a camera in between enjoying time on and off the water with my family.

Once again, it was another great holiday – endless hours on the water sailing, kayaking, SUP’ing, you name it along with countless miles of swimming in the pool, cycling around the campsite and the odd family bike ride to Soustons for an ice cream. Why do I love this holiday so much? To be honest the kids could not be happier enjoying all the activities, making new friends literally within minutes and enjoying the pure freedom that comes with camping. Along with the amazing days out to Messanges and Hossegor beaches where Joseph relishes the huge waves, the stunning sunsets we all got to share at the top of the Dune du Pyla and Hossegor beach and our now usual last night dinner out at Hossegor’s La Napoli (truly the best pizzas ever), well, what’s not too love.

Every year, we seem to love it more. Is it that Rockley really do read and action the CSQ’s, making those big and small changes that make such a difference? Maybe it’s watching the kids grow in confidence on the water. Daisy who already loves sailing sailed everything from a dart and RS 400 (yes thrill seeking on a particularly windy afternoon) to a Fusion (her favourite) and an Oppie (that was a no-wind, chilling in the boat morning!) Joseph on the other hand at only nearly seven years old has always been indifferent about sailing but after a week of beginner morning sessions, he sailed the end of week regatta with his friend Reuben and was absolutely great! Or maybe it was the staff – always friendly, always accommodating and always with massive smiles on their faces.

So on that note, it feels appropriate to thank everyone for making our time on holiday so amazing……

> Thank you to Chef Dude (yes he really is a dude!) and his team for 2 weeks of lovely, tasty food.

> On behalf of Daisy, thank you to the ‘Dream Team’ (Daisy's words!) that is Gemma (2017 BTEC graduate) and Jenna (2018 Leap for Success graduate) for their amazing sailing tuition during week our first week.

> Thanks to Sam for his one to one beginner session with Joseph, allowing him to be his mischievous self, have fun and giving him the confidence to sail the regatta

> Thanks to Rob for taking Joseph out on the dart on a very windy afternoon – the smile on his face was priceless!

> Thanks to Jess for just being great and Dan (Daisy’s partner in crime!)

> Thanks to James and Josh for being good sports (you know what I mean!)

> Thanks to tall Alex, very tall Alex and Jordan for accepting an invitation to the children’s party at the end of our first week hosted by Daisy and Joseph’s new-found friends, Emma and Alex. Their brief 5-minute appearance ended up in an hour-long game of football with a large group of children. Truly going above and beyond the call of duty and making the night of all the children!

> Thanks to Manager Cat, because despite the fact that we are work colleagues, she gave me and my family the same great level of customer care as she gives all her families.

> And for the lovely Jaz, James and Kirsty - in case you don’t make the brochures or the website – the photos below are for you!

We’re not the only ones who had such a great time. Armed with the ‘pen of power’, here’s what some of the customers wrote on the wipe board in the Marquee eating area;

Great service – always with a smile. We LOVE your enthusiasm. Thank you!
Fuller Family

You taught us Darts
and flying kites
and even how to race
So thank you all the Rockley Crew -
You’re really rather ace!

Edwards Family

Great instruction, calm, friendly and helpful……with amazing food. Thank you!
Rachel, Charlie, Thomas & Oliver

Back home and it’s back to reality. To be honest it will take at least a week for Daisy and Joseph to recover from such an active holiday but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Along with new friends to add to the address book which means good old-fashioned writing letters for the kids, we have taken away with us another year of amazing memories. That’s why we love it every year and we can’t wait for next year already!

And in case you’re wondering, for our first breakfast back home, I made pancakes!

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