We’re all guilty of taking the easy option and sticking to what we know - car and home insurance, household bills. Time is the main barrier for not taking the effort to find an alternative option and this is often why many schools run the same school trip year on year. You’ve done it before, the pupils seem to enjoy it and it’s just easier to stick with what you know.

Is it good enough?

So, your normal residential trip may be good but is it good enough? Maybe it’s time for you to embrace the new – try something else and make your next school trip the most impactful educational choice you make this year.

We have schools that have been coming to Rockley for years, but as a company we make a conscious effort to continually improve our product so that every experience is different and better – can you truly say that about the company you are going with? If your current residential trip provider ticks all the boxes then that is fine, but have you ever thought that there may be something out there that really can exceed your expectations? Does your current provider still offer the personal touch indeed if they did in the first place? Are your pupils really benefitting to the extent you want them to? Do you as a Group Leader really look forward to the trip or are you just going through the motions? Could there be something better out there?

Explore the new

Making a change will not just open your pupil’s eyes to a range of new opportunities and wonderful experiences but as a Group Leader, you will also benefit hugely and it really does not have to be a daunting experience. Being a family run business, we are all about offering a personal service and make every effort to go above and beyond to ensure the smooth running of all our trips. There are many schools who come to Rockley year on year for the first time. Make Rockley your next adventure of choice, and here’s why:

  • We’ll pretty much do all the work for you. Our 43 years of running school trips for all kinds of schools and groups means that we will make useful recommendations, deliver the sessions you require and work closely with you to achieve the outcomes you desire
  • We’ll cut the admin – we will provide you with all the paperwork you require from health and safety documents and risk assessments to parent/pupil information – all readily available and easily accessible
  • We’ll deliver – we know that every school and group is different - expectations vary hugely from one Group Leader to another so your group is always treated individually. We’ll help you consider the most suitable location for you and your pupils and the best type of activities
  • We love what we do – everyone who works at Rockley is passionate about the water and outdoor adventure and that really comes across in the way we work with you, communicate with your pupils and how we conduct our sessions. We all believe in the huge benefits that come from experiencing an outdoor residential experience and are dedicated to ensuring that your pupils reap the benefits
  • You can try before you buy – why not book on to an inspection visit this May. We want you to feel confident in the choices you make so join us on an Inspection Visit and get a real taste of what we can offer you and your group

Here’s what some of our 2018 first timers had to say:

“Blown away by how great the staff were from dawn to dusk. Very approachable, helpful and knowledgeable - Smashed it!” Icknield High School - Arts College

“Our kids have had a week they will never forget! They have been so impressed with all the instructors and activities. Looking forward to coming back again next year!” Moulton School

"Many thanks for a fantastic week. The kids have thoroughly enjoyed the week (as have staff). The staff have been brilliant and make the week truly memorable. The approach of the instructors to the kids – fantastic. Thank you" Gosfield School

“Thanks for a great week - it has been great fun for students and staff. The range of activities has been great and students have definitely learnt a lot. The instructors have been wonderful and kept students really engaged.” Henry Cort Community College

"We have all had A GREAT TIME. We were amazed by the staff and patience with the pupils (and staff!) The enthusiasm and energy of the staff & and their cohesiveness together has made for an excellent atmosphere and got the best out of the girls in all activities" The Kingsley School

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