What a Grrreat Trip!!

Targets were reached and the reward was a stay

The destination was the mountains for us all to play

A few days for bonding and to let off some steam

A real treat, to be looked after, for all of the team

Count down was on… it was my first time to ski

Although two years in, that’s new to those at Rockley

In preparation I took, to the dry slopes for a day

“It’ll be easier on real snow” I heard them say

We arrived first night, to our fantastic abode

Unfortunately for some, the wine overflowed

As banter and jokes and excitement expand

Any gestures of bunny ears, Boss Peter, quickly banned

Escorted to our first bubble to meet our main man

Roddy was his name, “I’ll teach you what I can”

Slowly does it, green run and off we go

Check it out! How beautiful it is in the snow!

Mastered the dreaded drag lift, a moment of calm

A chance to breathe, look up and admire mountain’s charm

Glad for white powder to soften my blow

The course that beckons, time to go with the flow…

Each eve, three courses, a varied array

Sometimes rather modest portions until Saturday

Weekend specials, endless food was placed on the table

Until boss raised his hand, stop stop.. you’re making me unstable

Holding his breath our vegan was patiently awaiting

WHAT IS IT?, oh yes I can eat it, he says salivating

Please god no more cheese – then it’ll be fine

Glazed eyes he said smiling, “I can have the white wine”

A highlight for me, was coming together after dinner

Dick of the day cup, Oh No, who will be the winner?

Belly laughs were had, as Peter did his daily review

Of all the blunders and silly things, yeah, we did a few

Day three I got faster and my confidence grew

My caring Rockley body guards each side in my view

“You can do it, just look what you’ve just done”

Come, let’s smash it and get down on that red run!

Meet point, last day, I wanted to be there

It meant facing that devil slope that was real tricky to be fair

With gritted teeth and my body guards on either side

“Don’t worry it’s not far, it gets easier next” (they lied)

With a turn, turn, stop, I made it with a smile

“It wasn’t pretty, but you’re here, so forget about the style”

More beers, tunes and laughter, we boogied on the slopes

Bonding over accomplishments and falls, whilst learning the ropes

Well thank you Rockley for this wonderful experience we had

Being treated like this…. working for Rockley, ain’t half bad!

Cheers for all your help on the slopes everyone…

It was a fab time!! Sara xx


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