Did I or didn't I set my alarm clock?

A sleepless night as ever, worrying about whether I had set my alarm clock for 0530. It seems I hadn’t, well I had set it for 0530 but hadn’t saved the new setting so I hadn’t set the alarm clock. Luckily, due to my worrying about not setting the alarm clock, I barely got any sleep so was awake at 0545 anyway for a speedy change in the dark and then a quick, but at all times under the speed limit, drive to AFCB (Bournemouth Football Club to non-Dorseteers).

8 of us plus one casualty caused by wrapping his son’s birthday presents. We are a crack team of hardened athletes…..

Eddie Howe loves EVERYTHING!

A quick 30-minute Insanity session being willed on by said injured party (Martin, Julia Houses Chief Exec), praising you when you were doing something right. I’ll be honest, I didn’t hear my name much, but my left achilles was playing up a bit so I wasn’t going to do any of that jumping stuff and the arthritis in my left toe precluded quite a lot of burpy action. We were also encouraged by Eddie Howe at nearly EVERY activity stating loudly to the group that “this is my favourite one” every time we started a new exercise.

I'm not that old....am I?

We had a new boy today, Jim, who immediately endeared me to him by stating that the two of us “were at a bit of a disadvantage as we were obviously the two oldest here”. Now I don’t mind noticing such a thing and even commenting on it myself, but I do mind having it pointed out to me. Alot, especially on my birthday. Just sayin’ Jim…..

During the warm down it was apparent that the people on the video that we were following, who by now were mostly topless, had very different hamstrings to me. Or much, much longer arms. And yes, very different abs as well, but I am working on those.

During the warm down Martin got us all together to gee us up for our fundraising (I am stuck at about 65% of my goal, which I set quite low anyway) by stating that Hugh had got someone to sponsor him for €5,000, which Hugh was understandably very pleased with. For 15 seconds. Because Jim, my new best old mate, has been sponsored to the tune of £15,000. Now as geeing up goes, I think that Martin needs to work on his technique.

Session 2 - turns out I can't even dress myself!

Session 2 was at a DW gym with a trainer where we do a lot of stretching and general conditioning. Dom, the trainer, pointed out half way through that I had my shorts on inside out. I refer to my first paragraph about getting changed in a hurry in the dark. Not embarrassed, not at all.

Just two more tracks...easy...NOT!

As I was unable to get on the spin class at 0845, I did a solo spin session on a Watt bike (having nipped to the changing room for a wardrobe change) and was aiming for a 40 minute session listening to my fave tunes. At 0841 I got an email form the gym stating that I was now successful on getting onto the spin class. Really? You’re giving me 4 minutes notice? Not when I’ve got some banging tunes going on, no siree. As I was nearing the end of my self-imposed time, I thought that I would give myself two more tracks as they are usually about 4 minutes each.

Next song up? A Bronski Beat number, a mere 8 minutes 16 seconds long!!! OK, I can handle that, just one song to go.

OMG! You couldn’t make this up. The next track, a real classic for several reasons.

Firstly - Pink Floyd, pure class

Secondly – From the album Wish You Were Here, it just couldn’t get any better.

Thirdly – It is the first track. This is significant. Because the first track is 13 minutes and 31 seconds long.

So, the last 2 tracks were 23 minutes :0

Really? Sometimes you do think that Apple devices not only are listening to what you say, but possibly what you are thinking as well.

I crawl off after 50 minutes.

All for a good cause, I keep telling myself, Julia’s House – a good cause indeed.



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