There's always a need for a Plan B

Last season we had a few days where we all turned up to sun, water but no wind.

And even though Meatloaf sang that “2 out of 3 ain’t bad”, this does not always apply in sailing.

With no Plan B last year, we all just went home or back to the office. What a mistake that was, so a Plan B was implemented for this season.

The WhatsApp chat starts on a Tuesday when Liz asks who is planning on turning up on Thursday morning.

And then the notifications come in. We are averaging about 50 WhatsApp messages per week and about 2 emojis per message.

It is also end of term time, so some dropped out due to prize givings, holidays and sports days.

Thursday morning dawned with glorious sunshine and the harbour looked like a mirror.

“Any chance of going sailing?”

“Er, no.”

So Plan B it was. Mel was very worried that she had 6 families descending on her house over the weekend and she had sooo much to do. It was pointed out that they are friends and they won’t mind about a bit of mess. And they were friends from University so might even expect a bit of a mess.

And as for what Plan B was?

Cue the pics....


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