In his new role, Will will be supporting the French management teams of Kate, Lizzy and Kim. Here's a fleeting insight in to Will's time with us and how he came to discover Rockley.

The road to Rockley

I left college not knowing what I wanted to do so found a job working for Surrey County Council. I worked on their Parks & Countryside team for a year but eventually got itchy feet and wanted a change so started working for a finance broker as a customer consultant. That didn’t last! I realised that there was a world to be explored and without having any idea what I was doing I quickly found myself working in various tourism roles in Queenstown, New Zealand. These two years gave me a great experience in all sorts of crazy outdoor activities but unfortunately all good things come to an end and within a matter of weeks I found myself back in England, walking around the London Boat Show.

2020 will be the 8th season I’ve worked at Rockley. It was really only by chance that I was at the boat show when I recognised the Rockley name (my second cousin had a summer job working for Rockley years ago). After a chat at the stand and with my previous work experience, I was offered a job. I didn’t think twice.

I joined in 2011 as an Activity Instructor. After two seasons I had enough of being away from home and wanted a change of scenery. I spent a year away not expecting to return to Rockley, but I did and I've not left since! I have achieved a lot during my time here - jumping from being an Activity Instructor to finding myself in the Centre Manager seat for a few years and now becoming Operations Manager for France, moving permanently to France and learning French ... the list goes on.

Et voila!

I now live in France courtesy of my French girlfriend Clara and although in the summer I am based across our centres in Mimizan, Biscarrosse and Soustons, during the winter I return to the city of Bordeaux where I work remotely and which is where I now call home. I am still not sure whether Rob (Rockley's Operations Director) thought it was safer for everyone that I didn’t return to the UK and attempted to coach our BTEC students over the winter, or if he saw that I was totally punching and gave me an opportunity to make a go at it with Clara! Whatever the reason, I love living in France whilst also having the opportunity to return to the UK to visit the Rockley offices and see family.

What's the attraction.....?

I know there are jobs that earn a lot of money providing luxurious lifestyles and affording people to have all the latest toys but I also know that few people in those places struggle everyday with the pressures of their job. I love my job and it goes beyond a job title, being in France and everything else you immediately think of. For me it is the fact that this company identifies that we’re all human. We all have ideas, we all have opinions and we all want to help in some way. It is acknowledged more often than not and for me personally, that gives me a bigger buzz than driving a Range Rover. But Pip, if you’re reading this and you’re feeling generous, I wouldn't say no!

I am very happy to have gained another achievement and if it’s a success, credit to the three Centre Managers I will be assisting... Kate, Lizzy and Kim. They are all highly qualified, passionate individuals who have as much respect for the Rockley as I do. Together, it should be fun and I'm really looking forward it!


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