Mark has taught students at middle school, secondary, college and degree level. As a fully-fledged sports enthusiast he has an interest in almost all sports and in his younger days would always be seen on the football pitch playing football or on the cricket pitch.

"What is really good is that the practical instructors are here as well.
If I have questions about a unit they are literally a door away.
At previous positions I would not have direct access to the practical coaches or instructors."

Mark Ames Rockley Education TeacherAny spare time away from work and family is now spent playing golf which started as a leisure activity, turned into a previous job and now is a borderline addiction!

"From my desk it is one step and I am on the beach!"

Before Mark joined the Rockley Education team in September 2018 he was previously in Norwich teaching golf students. On moving back to Dorset he started working at Bournemouth Football Club with the football students before he joined the teaching staff at Lytchett. It was on an assignment trip with the Lytchett travel and tourism students that Mark visited Rockley for the first time.

"The year 1s I have worked with we have done some leadership things away from the water.
I was apprehensive that there would be some students only interested in the water-based aspects but it was refreshing that they did have other interests and
I was quite surprised how many of them do or have played a high level of rugby, football, cricket."

Mark has settled in well and he is well known amongst the students for colour coordinating his daily outfits. He assures us 'It happens by accident every morning' often with hats, shoes, and socks matching. He is the proud owner of over 40 trainers.

"Fitness-wise I have certainly never done fitness sessions on the beach with students before but it is a good change and good to test myself as well. Using the beach and the natural hills that we have around us is all part of fitness."

In his personal time Mark is a very keen golfer but is keen to try new things.

"My experience on the water is very much a leisure thing, I have tried kayaking and stand up paddleboarding before. But I am very open to try more and John and I have already discussed that in the summer we are going to spend three days with John teaching me windsurfing and I am going to teach him some golf."

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