When did you first start working at Rockley?
I did my first season in the café at 16 years old and then left to work in France in 2018.

What did you do before Rockley?
Before joining rockley I worked in retail and spent a lot of my time playing football.

Rockley has six centres across the UK and France - which has been your favourite?
During my time at Rockley I have worked at ALL of our centres in both France and the UK and have gained invaluable experiences and skills from all. I couldn't choose one!

Your top tip for anyone joining the company
My top tips for season workers would be to take every opportunity as it comes, smile and build as many friendships as you can, because those will be the ones that last a lifetime.

What has been your favourite memory?
It would be impossible to only chose one memory as I’ve had SOOOOOO many amazing times. However, the endless laughs on training courses, the summer evenings with friends and meeting some of the most important people in my life top my list.

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