VanHang Sailing currently has numerous sailing centres in China but only one that is RYA recognised. They have a long-term initiative to increase the number of RYA recognised venues across the country.

They currently have an on-going yachting programme but nothing specific to dinghy sailing, so their plan is to increase participation of dinghy sailing using the recognised RYA scheme.

How did it all begin?

Two years previously, 10 candidates came to the UK for a period of 3-6 weeks. For those that were with us for the full six week period, they gained their RYA Dinghy Instructor qualification and were taught the RYA pathway.

In 2017, two candidates came to us as a pilot programme to gain their RYA Senior Instructor certificate. The three week programme included development and coach mentoring skills.

This year we have got five candidates with us on a three week RYA Dinghy Instructor programme.

"I have so much more confidence now. It has been great having the first two weeks training
before the actual RYA Senior Instructor course
." Xia Qun

Students Xia Qun, Zirui Song, Jinshu Li, Jing Zi Li and Zhengjun Yu are currently completing their Senior Instructor course under the watchful eye of Rockley MD and RYA Coach Assessor, Pip Woods. It has been a tough couple of weeks for them with the winter weather hitting the country, but mentor Tom and instructor Lucy have made the experience really enjoyable for them.

After visiting Calshot and the RYA Dinghy Show the group commented:
"It has been good to see what's going on in the industry. I feel like we have had an all-round experience."

Their time with us has included a full social programme as well as the opportunity to learn about our marine industry. They have been introduced to marine suppliers, visited a trade shows and have attended the Southern RYA instructor training day at Calshot.

Why are we doing this?

Like the aims of VanHang Sailing, we actively encourage the promotion of increased participation in sailing not just in the UK but worldwide. There is strength in having partnerships with overseas organisations. There is a dual gain where we too get to learn about their work and practices and learn to adapt the programmes we deliver to satisfy the country and individuals.


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