So, what are the benefits of a residential trip and how does adventure empower youngsters to be the best version of themselves? I took a look at just a few examples:

Growing Up and Being Independent

Remember the first time you had to pack your own bag, wash your own clothes or get yourself up in the morning? These are all simple tasks for adults, however often young people rely on others in the home environment to help. A residential trip encourages youngsters to step out of their comfort zone and develop their own independence away from their usual environment. This in turn aids social development, creates bonds with their peers and encourages them to use their own initiative to problem solve.

Becoming Leaders

Time and time again on our adventure trips teachers are surprised to see students who are shy or less confident in a classroom environment completely excel outdoors! Students are challenged to work as a team, overcome challenges and achieve things that they did not think possible. By going on an adventure, they discover their strength in character to encourage others and support each other. Our trips are all about giving them the opportunity to shine!

Developing Relationships and Friendships

Getting on with each other one hundred percent of the time can be challenging, however through adventure, young people are encouraged and empowered to come together as a team and find ways to work with each other. New friendships are formed and existing friendships are made stronger. Everyone works together and no one is forgotten.

Conquering Fears

It is only natural before going away on a residential trip that young people will be nervous or apprehensive about what to expect. Different people have different fears, such as getting on a boat, going in the water, or simply how they will cope with being away from home. Our trips aim to gently support and encourage young people to conquer their fears and never give up. We create an environment where they feel they really can achieve, in school and in life.

Learning Without Realising It

You don’t have to be looking at a text book or be sat in front of a computer to be learning! On an adventure trip young people are learning in a new and exciting way- problem solving, developing and practicing new skills – while at the same time, having fun! Our trips often change a young person’s perception of learning and in turn can change their future.

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Written by Cath Hough


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