What do you love about this apprenticeship programme?

Edward: I love being surrounded by like-minded individuals, who all equally push you and help you succeed in the work place. Another massive part of what I enjoy, is that you can see the impact that you are making on the lives of the students you teach.

Jaimie: I love the wide range of sessions we get to lead and shadow. I love getting the best of water and land sessions and I love that our skill base has the chance to be so wide.

Theo: The apprenticeship is really rewarding as it challenges me daily to develop and learn skills that have a practical application for the role I am fulfilling. It has provided a nice intermediary step between my first full season of work and my future outdoor career.

Daniel: I love this apprenticeship because every day feels different. I am always learning things from the senior instructors and I get to spend my days outdoors in such a beautiful area of the country, moving around not sat behind a desk looking at a computer!

Adam: I love the range of students I get to interact with and see progress in all different sports, behaviours and attitudes. I can see the impact I have on their learning and can give them the knowledge and support to grow and become a better instructor.

Is there anything you don’t like so much about the programme?

James: One thing I don’t like it when it’s cold it’s really cold!!

Theo: It can be difficult at times to find the motivation required to teach activities that I am less accustomed to. However, this has meant that my instructing style has altered and improved throughout the apprenticeship so far.

Daniel: As for things I don’t like so much, I am not from the local area so I don’t get to see my family or friends very often as I stay on site.

Is the apprenticeship scheme what you expected?

Jared: Yes, it is what I expected as when I go to work, I am learning new skills that I wouldn't have learnt anywhere else.

Daniel: Not really, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the variety of work that I have been asked to do: from helping to teach sailing and windsurfing to building bridges and painting at our land-based centre. I’m also learning so much about the maintenance side of things which I didn’t expect to be involved in as much.

What are the challenges?

Edward: Adapting sessions to the weather! When we were on the water before Christmas, there was often no wind and it can be a struggle to get the students motivated to sail without this!

Jaimie: I find that leading sessions on my own can be quite challenging. I do feel the pressure of giving the participants the best learning experience, however, this makes the challenge all worth it when the session has ended and you see the progression the students have made.

James: There are challenges all the time with learning new skills and teaching sessions I have never done before.

Daniel: The fact we are in such an open environment. At any minute the weather can change so you have to adapt your planned session a a moment’s notice. However, this also makes the job more interesting because no day is ever the same.

Adam: The challenges have included developing new ways of teaching to a variety of individuals who learn in different ways. Some love to observe and some need to do it. I believe I have found the right balance now and can help support everyone and their learning methods.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship programme?

All: Yes!


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