Back for year two. We catch up again with Amelia who is passionate about watersports and getting organised ahead of university.

What did you do at the end of year one?

I finished off the coursework and got ready for year two. In the summer I did some windsurfing, went down to Poole Harbour. But I also spent some time on UCAS bits and booked university appointments.

You are planning to go to University after the BTEC?

My plan is to go straight to university. I would like to do a summer in France, it gives me some relax time, still saving up some money and then on to university. This way I get to do something I love and getting experience.

I am really interested in the Sports and Exercise Science degree at Chichester University. I am also looking at Winchester, Bournemouth and a teaching degree at Surrey. I have picked ones I like and that I know of. My teachers Mark and Alex have been helping me and recommended them. I have also spoken to last years' year two BTEC students on what they are doing.

I have been looking at a few course options. I have always wanted to be a P.E teacher and my parents always thought I'd be a P.E teacher so it is what I think is a best option for me to go to at the moment.

Do you feel the BTEC course will set you up well for university?

The BTEC course all relates to what I need to do at uni. Mark's units about sport injuries and first aid all relates to the sport science course. And obviously all the coaching to get my dinghy and windsurfing instructor qualifications. It all links in, it is amazing.

You have got some new teachers this year, what are your thoughts?

Being in year two, we have Alex with us this year. Alex has helped me a lot telling me about his journey; how we went to college then uni and got into teaching. It has shown me how it all links back into an actual teaching job. I can relate to that easier.

How is your second year going so far?

It is really nice to be back. Now everyone knows what level you are at, so I am doing my dinghy and windsurfing instructor qualifications. I am in the highest group for sailing at the moment, I am doing the two days of practical and taking part in the extra on-water session days as well. The extra sessions are good, it helps you.

Do you prefer sailing or windsurfing?

I used to prefer windsurfing, but now, because I have been doing more and practicing man-over-board, picking up buoys I am getting into it a bit more. I have been Cat sailing and on the Hartley 15s, we are just getting more into it. I do love them both.

The sessions in year two helps you have the love for the activities more as you are actually able to get somewhere. From this I would really like to get my RYA dinghy instructor and windsurfing instructor qualifications. All the instructors know it and are helping us all. Having both qualifications would be amazing. I would really like to be able to go back to Azurivage. They do sailing there as well so that is another reason why I would like to become a dinghy instructor.

How is it going with the coursework?

All the coursework is absolutely fine, not too much. It seems a smaller amount that in year one but that's maybe because I am used to it now. You do get used to it over time.

I have been helping out some of the new year ones with their coursework as i know some of them. They are struggling, like we all did in the beginning. But you just have to get into a routine.

What is coming up, anything exciting?

The 2020 ski trip and I think more coasterring for our alternative pursuits unit. On our optional day we go out as a group coasteering, we chose what we all wanted to do. It is amazing!

Year two gives you so much more opportunity, we thought we were coming back to exactly the same but it is so much more detailed than year one. It lets you grow up a bit.

Year one's and two's will be on the next ski trip. I am going and will be snowboarding this time, I just have to save up.

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