Find out more about Rockley's Ski Advisor and ski lover, Courteny with our 7 quck-fire questions.

1. Ski or snowboard?
I have always been a skier since my first school trip in Year 8! I like the use of two separate legs. Absolutely up for the challenge of learning how to board in the future.

Name three people you would like to ski down a black run with.
1. Eddie the Eagle, what a fun experience that would be!
2. Tony Hawk, a legend of my childhood!
3. Kelly Sildaru, she’s an excellent freestyle skier and I could learn a thing or two from her.

“My ski attire is very simple - black and white with a crazy pair of goggles!”

3. Where in the world would you like to ski/snowboard?
I would really love to visit Courchevel, its home to the largest ski area and would be an insane adventure. I really enjoy exploring new runs.

4. What’s your fashion style on the slope – bright and garish or plain and simple?
My ski attire is very simple - black and white with a crazy pair of goggles!

5. Big air or really fast?
I am on the journey to practicing my big air, it's very early days. I love the rush from landing a jump (A rare occasion at the moment!)

6. First lift / last lift or both?
Aim for both! Spending the entire day on the slopes is such a joy, having lunch sat in the snow with stunning views is a highlight of a ski day.

7. What are the 3 things that makes Val Cenis perfect for a school / group ski trip?

1. Without a doubt, top of the list is ski in and ski out accommodation - it eliminates the fuss of transport to and from the accommodation every day.

2. The variety of runs for all abilities - Val Cenis has Europe’s longest green run.

3. The beautiful traditional town. The chalet is minutes from pizza, bowling and local shopping!

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