Favourite item you have ever bought or been given?
I have framed photos from sailing teams I coached in Dubai and Bermuda - these were presented to me by my students. These mean a great deal to me

You’re a bit of a sports fan. Which sporting event in history would you have liked to been at?
I would have loved to have been at the 1966 World Cup Final

Film you’ve loved in the past six months?
The new Lion King film

Name three dream dinner guests?

Barrack Obama – Inspirational man, intelligent and I would learn so much
Jimmy Bullard – Hilarious story teller from his days as a pro footballer
Usain Bolt – Unbelievable athlete, super charismatic and we could eat in his restaurant “Tracks & Records” in Jamaica so I don’t have to cook!

Describe your perfect day if time, money or travel was not an issue?

My perfect day would be a morning SUP with no wind in the morning followed by an afternoon of breeze for windsurfing or dinghy racing, all in a lovely hot country in the Med or Caribbean

If you could be any sports person, who would you be?

Sir Mo Farah

Mantra you live by?

Inspire a generation – From the London 2012 Olympic Games – as the games inspired me

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