1. What would you perfect day be if time, travel and money were not an issue?
Climbing a mountain before sunrise! Then having breakfast in a small French café with fresh pastries and a hot chocolate. Followed by finding some antique/ charity shops for a quick mooch before going somewhere hot for a sea swim. Then finishing the day sat in my Dryrobe watching the sunset.

2. Which song would get you up on the dance floor?
Avicii – Levels.

3. Three people (at any time in history) you would invite round for dinner?
David Attenborough, as I feel he would have some amazing stories to tell. Reece Witherspoon, because she would be able to organise a fab dinner party. Emma Watson, for the barriers she is breaking down and, she has been a massive role model to me growing up.

4. What would your superpower be?
Being able to… teleport! Buddens is a BIG site.

5. Finish the sentence: Before I die…....
I would like to explore more of the world. Especially parts of Asia for its culture and food.

6. Your biggest indulgence?
Very easy… chocolate cake.

7. Your favourite film?
The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan one!)


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